Lyft vs Uber

Lyft vs Uber

Which is best? Is there really a ‘best’?

It is the debate many of us have gone over. Which is best? Lyft vs Uber? Where will I make more money? Which company takes better care of its’ drivers? Yada yada yada….

Both companies have similarities, but feel very different in the Lyft vs Uber debate. When I walk in to my local Lyft office, known as a Lyft hub, I am greeted with people who are nice and friendly, seemingly happy to be there. When I walk in to my local Uber office, everyone seems grumpy. I am sure they are all very nice people, but maybe they are just exhausted from dealing with so many drivers and driver issues and complaints.

Yes, Uber is a “bigger” company with more drivers and more riders. But a lot of the riders I met, use both platforms. In fact, almost all of them do. And while I would drive for Lyft, a lot of the riders say they only use Lyft.

If you are just starting out as a driver, I 100% recommend getting on BOTH platforms. It is only in your best interest. However, once you actually start driving, just get used to one platform at a time. I started out on Lyft and just drove Lyft for a few days, to a week. Then, once I was comfortable with the app, I crossed over to Uber and got familiar with that.

You can become a Lyft driver by clicking on this link

You can become an Uber driver by clicking on this link.

Additional thoughts

Let me just say, that some days I would turn on both apps at the same time to see who pinged me first. With that being said, once you are on a trip, Lyft and Uber like you to keep driving and will try to get you another passenger as quickly as possible. Try to keep on that consistency. You will make more money by going from ride to ride to ride. When I turned it off, to use the restroom, or to take a break, it would take a little longer to get a new ride afterwards.

I found that passengers in both apps, tip. But let’s be real, you can’t have a smelly car or a rude personality, or act entitled. Think of yourself as a waiter or waitress. Some people will tip, and some will not. It may have something to do with you, it may not. I was always genuine, humble, kind, happy, and dressed nicely. I got more tips, than not. However, I have seen some drivers, and if I were a passenger, based on their personality, I would not tip. Try to be the best version of ‘YOU’.

How much money can you make?

The more you drive, the more you make. In order for gas and car maintenance to be worth it, you really should drive many hours in a day if you are doing this full time. Think like a standard job, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. If you are doing this part time, and need to just make some extra cash, and have your bills all paid for, it will not matter as much how long you drive. Sometimes, I made a goal to make $100 for that day, and I got it in a few hours on a weekend night. Other days, I drove during the day, and it took longer for that $100 to add up.

I would stay away from all those ‘bonuses’ both Uber and Lyft. They really aren’t worth it. Just drive and you will make money. Some of those bonuses they offer, are terrible and make you drive too much for little extra money.

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