What is the Lyft Number to call?

What is the Lyft Number to call?

What is the Lyft number to call for a problem? Is there a Lyft number I can call? Does Lyft have a contact number? These are some common questions many people ask.

What is the phone number?

While there is not a direct phone number given to riders or drivers, there is a way to have Lyft call you if you have an issue you need help with and cannot find help on the Lyft help section. Now, this is somewhat going around the system, but you will be able to put in your phone number, and a Lyft representative will call you back!

Just click here and scroll to the bottom of the page and select the ‘Call Me’ button!

Instead of having a Lyft number to call, I always suggest going to Lyft’s Help Section. You most likely will find an answer to every issue you may have pop up. The only things you may not get answered are direct issues with your payment or account. However, go to help.lyft.com and search around. It will do you good!

Talk to a Lyft representative in person instead of contacting the number.

Meeting face to face will always be a great option to have someone help you when you need it. Find the local hub in your city or town and just walk in. Every time I visit a Lyft office, I am greeted with happy, pleasant, and nice people willing to help. I do not see the same service in the company known as Uber, lol. If you have any issue that you cannot find an answer for online, or did not take the time to find the answer to, having the customer service at Lyft help you out is a great tool.

MOST PEOPLE CAN FIND ALL ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ON THE HELP.LYFT.COM SECTION ONLINE. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK! So many people write in questions about their accounts, and all they have to do is log in, and change all the information themselves, easily. If you are intelligent enough to create and have a Facebook account, you can sort out any issue on your Lyft account. It is made to be easy, not hard! Everything is clearly laid out in your account or in the help section. I only say this because of how many people ask questions about things that are easy if they just take two seconds to read.




Save this number in your phone in case of an emergency. This is not a number to call with simple account issues or payment questions, etc.

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  1. THANK YOU for this Blog! I spent literally hours trying to find a phone number to contact Lyft trying to update my registration on my account since their website wouldn’t allow me to do so and I actually had a rider not want to get in my car because the license plate on my car didn’t match the one on my profile! Lyft gives absolutely NO support to their drivers and their website for help is a joke!

    1. Lynda! I am so sorry I did not see your comment sooner! I literally have thousands of spam comments that I have to sift through and I finally saw yours!! I am so thankful you appreciated this post. I truly hope you were able to get everything sorted out. ? THANK YOU!!!

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