14 thoughts on “Lyft Login”

  1. Can I return as a Lyft driver and pay off my debt. I have my own car. Also, can I still get sign up as a rider?

    1. Yes you can be a rider as well as a driver. If you are only driving full time, I would imagine the more you drive, the more you can pay off debt. Obviously everyone’s finances are different. If this is your second job or part time job, this ofcourse can be extra instant cash. I wish you the best!

  2. I’ve been having a hard time re activating my account. It says my account needs to be manually verified.

    1. Jared you may have to physically go to a Lyft office and speak with someone there to activate your account. Sometimes non-active accounts get put on hold or pause until you are ready to get back on the road as a driver.

    1. Your best bet is to hang around bars or any sporting event, or places where you know the most people will be!! If you are in a ‘dead’ area, your ride requests will also be ‘dead’. Go to where the action is. If that means you have to drive a little farther out, then that is what I would do. It will just depend on your area. I also recommend not driving around in circles too much. Stay in one busy spot and wait. Once you are on a ride, the app knows it, and will try to get you another one soon right after. I hope this helps! Btw, I am from GA, so say “hey” to home for me!

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