Lyft Driver App

Lyft Driver App

The Lyft Driver App is really simple to use. It is bright, clean and easy to navigate around. I actually think I prefer the app over the Uber Driver App.

You can download the app for both ios and android phones. Just download the app from the app store. The Lyft Driver App is different than the Lyft Rider App. It is specifically designed for Lyft Drivers. You will not be able to pick up passengers without it.

Become an Uber Driver

Become a Lyft Driver

Once you have the app downloaded, I recommend pressing all the buttons to navigate around to become comfortable on the Lyft Driver App before you pick up your first passenger.

Picking up a passenger with the Lyft Driver App

Now that you have downloaded the app and are comfortable navigating around it, you can go to the Help Section and do a practice passenger pick-up. It cannot be any easier.

To go online as a Driver, just toggle the little steering wheel at the top. Once in Driver mode, you will be able to accept passenger rides. You will hear a ding and only have a few seconds to accept or decline the ride.

Once you accept a ride, the navigation will automatically take you to the exact location of the rider. Once the rider is in the car, verify the name of the rider and on your app select Pick Up Passenger.

Now the navigation will take you to your passenger’s destination. Once there select Drop Off Passenger. You have completed your first ride!!! Congratulations!!! Wasn’t that easy?

Help and Support

If you have any problems or questions with the app or passenger during or after a ride, you can go to the Help Tab on the app and reach out to Lyft Support. You may have items left behind by the passenger(s) or an issue with the app. Contacting Support right away is what you need to do.