Lyft Customer Support

Lyft Customer Support

I had to call Lyft customer support when I was trying to pick up a passenger at a casino parking garage that was underground. The GPS in the app wasn’t allowing me to select that I picked up the passenger. It was so frustrating because I literally had to drive around in circles in a packed garage with the customer in the backseat. He was on his way to the airport so we obviously had little time to mess with the app over silly little glitches.

The customer was obviously getting frustrated and offered to pay me cash to get him to the airport on time. You really aren’t allowed to except passengers this way but we had little to no choices. I took him to the airport, dropped him off, and went to the airport staging area to call customer support right away.

Since I called right away and talked to somebody, this ride was not counted against me as a canceled ride. You can get in trouble if you cancel rides often. There might be something fishy going on with you as a driver accepting passengers and then canceling.

How to get to the ‘Contact Us’ button

I will say, I like contacting Uber through the app much more than Lyft. Lyft is not as easy or user friendly to call customer support. You have to go in to Help and select one of the topics, go in to another sub-topic, scroll down to the bottom and select the button that says Contact Us.

Some help topics don’t have the Contact Us button, so you have to just find one topic that does.

Once you select Contact Us, you will have to option to either choose Email or Call.

Also be sure to read the page for Lyft Phone Number to call.

4 thoughts on “Lyft Customer Support”

  1. I am a current driver and looking to purchase a vehicle i need the mailing address and phone number to contact for employment and salary verification.

    1. You are technically an independent contractor, not an employee, of Lyft or Uber. This means you are self-employed. Your earnings would be posted in your dashboard and you would just have to pull up all the earnings for the period you are looking for. If it was last year, you can just pull up your tax documentation.

    2. A lyft driver was parked outside of my residence. I was sitting on the porch and I walked over to her car and we spoke about driving, I’m a lyft driver also, I noticed her lyft sticker on her front window she said she worked uber for 4 years and lyft for a year in a half. She had just dropped off a client in the city where I lived navigating to a location in town when she was sitting there.

      1. Clarissa, I love that you two women had a conversation! It is a nice community, that many outside people do not understand! When I started driving, I literally was rolling down my windows and asking other drivers for advice. Luckily, they were nice enough to give me some pointers. I remember parking in a Jack In The Box parking lot, and literally had a conversation with another female driver for about an hour! Us women need to help support each other. Thank you so much for commenting… I loved reading your comment.

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