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In order to make sure you get a driver bonus reward, make sure you click the picture above, or the link to the side to become a Lyft Driver. There has to be a referral code from another driver in your sign up form to become a Lyft Driver in order for you to be eligible for a bonus reward.

Make sure the code: CHRISTIE922155 is in the form or you may not get your bonus reward! Lyft will not go back in to your account to make any adjustments.

Your reward will vary depending on your city and the demand. Lyft is changing their referrals almost on a daily basis, so it is hard to tell what your reward may be.

One thing is certain, if you sign up without a referral code - you will not get a bonus reward. So click the picture or the link and become a Lyft Driver today!

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Click here to start your process of becoming a Lyft Driver. The sooner you do, the quicker you can start driving and making that extra income you want.

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Some Additional Notes:

  • If you are wanting to become a Lyft Driver, just click the picture or the link to the right. Make sure you have read over the Lyft Driver Requirements page to make sure you qualify.
  • The fact that you can accept tips as a Lyft Driver is a HUGE plus. Other ridesharing apps do not allow their riders to tip right in the app platform. Lyft allows riders to tip their driver from within the app, preventing the drivers from holding on to a lot of cash - which could cause problems or safety concerns. You are also able to accept cash tips if the rider prefers that instead of tipping from within the app. Other popular services allow cash tips as well, but many people would prefer to tip from their card from within the app and not carry any cash. If you are simply kind, welcoming, helpful and genuine... you can make so much more money as a Lyft Driver than other services because of the tipping platform. **As a side note, you are NOT allowed to solicit tips from either platform; also, riders are NOT REQUIRED to tip.
  • If you calculate the average fare and average miles of a trip in most cities, Lyft Drivers make more money than Uber drivers. Each city has variables that are hard to account for, so it is hard to give exact numbers. However, the more rides, the more Lyft Drivers made compared to Uber drivers. If you are not driving many hours per week, some Uber drivers made more money. This is where tipping can come in handy. If you are only wanting to drive a few hours per week, make sure they quality is there on your part. Quality over Quantity. If you are driving many hours per week, you naturally will be making more money than the other service. Many Lyft Drivers have become Uber Drivers as well to maximize their profit and to capitalize on the market.
  • If you become a Lyft Driver, you will have so much fun meeting some people around your town, or those who are visiting! If you are wanting a business of yours to take off, being a Lyft Driver can be a great networking tool. Have a product? Give out some samples. Have a service? Pass out a business card. You never know how one thing can lead to another.